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Why Brazos Pool & Spa

Pool Construction is different

Construction quality is the key element in your continued satisfaction with you Brazos Pool & Spa pool design and construction. While it is important that your swimming pool meets your style expectations, it is imperative that the quality of construction meets our high standards. This why we invite you to “dare to compare” our way of providing you with continuous, carefree enjoyment.

Our success at building swimming pools has been our commitment to design and construction that meets the highest standards for residential and commercial swimming pool use. Our devoted craftsmen and designers have created and constructed pools and spas that complement even the most challenging landscapes and pool constructing areas. Your satisfaction will come when you see the beauty that is derived from using only quality products and experienced craftsmanship. Our continued relationship with you, after completion, insures that your satisfaction is a vital part of our commitment to you.

Brazos Pool & Spa provides only the latest in style and technology. As examples, we offer glass tiles, colored lights as well as low voltage lights, LED's and energy-efficient pool equipment. Current technology allows us to offer cell phone, and computer controls, for the complete operation of your backyard environment.

All Brazos pools are constructed using the same high standards and adhere to legal codes and regulations, regardless of your pool's location in the city or county. Our relationship with you relies on providing no hidden costs, no high pressure sales tactics, as well as complete and open communication. All this as well as a usual response time of 48 hours for warranty requests. Every effort is made to schedule your pool construction project from start to finish which helps to eliminate wasted days, waiting for an opening in the schedule. This allows us to maintain the construction process in a smooth and orderly manner to complete your pool project on time. Exceptions to this can be the addition of a cabana, landscaping, or larger water features.

Communicating with you on a daily basis during construction allows the process to run smoothly and on schedule. It allows us to address any concerns or questions you may have throughout the various stages of pool construction. Most projects have one or more unique challenges and our open communications allow us to meet these challenges with mutually agreed to solutions.

Communicate with us every day. Communication during the construction of your pool project assures you the process will go smoothly and on schedule, and to answering any questions or concerns, you might have during these stages. The owner of Brazos Pool & Spa is on the pool construction site everyday. This assures you that our quality of work is going to meet the highest of pool construction standards. Each project has its share of challenges. Brazos Pool & Spa meets these challenges head on and will not hide from them.

Remember our pledge to you – Warranty response, usually within 48 hours.

The answers to any question you may have is only a phone call away, (832) 799-9004.