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Commercial Pool Services

Design & Construction

Brazos Pool & Spa has worked with a number of Owner's Representatives, Architects, and General Contractors to design and construct commercial pools throughout Texas.

There are always unique challenges when designing and building a commercial pool. Whether that pool/vessel is a neighborhood recreational facility, hotel pool, fitness pool, or an aquatic fountain, each site and circumstances are different. We work together with other site contractors, architects and managers to identify those challenges and help find solutions to solving them.

We have made many pool plans for the site owner or architect of a specific project. Many architects are not as well versed in aquatic pool construction as others and request additional assistance. That help may be the need of a complete set of pool design and construction plans or simple pool specifications. We are here to help.

Whether the project is an indoor pool or outdoor fountain, Olympic-sized pool, recreational pool, therapy pool or spa or a unique pool or vessel, Brazos Pool & Spa is here to here to help.

Brazos Pool & Spa uses only licensed contractors and complies with all city, state, and federal guidelines and laws. We also work closely with the appropriate health departments prior to planning and construction to ensure no problems arise during final inspection.

Brazos Pool & Spa provides commercial pool design and construction services throughout the south Texas area.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.